Weekly Message

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III Pastor

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III

February 1, 2015

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

“Do not be afraid,” says Jesus.

Make no mistake about it; Divine power is displayed through Jesus’ Word. Not only did He teach with authority, but as we hear in today’s Gospel, “He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him.” While most exorcists of Jesus’ day recited lengthy incantations or used odorous roots to expel demons, Jesus simply commands the spirits and they leave. This doesn’t mean that at times they didn’t come out kicking and screaming. Clearly, these fallen angels, these demons, were overwhelmed with fear at the nearness of God. They were afraid that Jesus would destroy them, and their fear was justified, for the light of God does conquer the darkness. What’s tragic is that sometimes we too fear the light; our actions beg the question, “Have You come to destroy us?”

Countless times in the Gospel, Jesus tells us not to be afraid. Rather than destroy us, He came to lay down His life for us that we might have life and have it in abundance. And yet, at times it seems as if we too kick and scream or run off in the opposite direction when the Lord is near. Clearly, the Great Physician seeks to set us free from that which keeps us from being our true selves, our better selves, the saints we were created to be in God’s image. And so in prayer, in the sacrament of Reconciliation, in our coming to the altar of God at the Eucharist, let us do so with courage and never turn our hearts away from Him. With trust in God’s love, let us abandon our old fallen selves to approach the One who truly sets us free. He’s whispering to us even now, “Do not be afraid.”

Have you attended our Praise & Worship on the second Sunday of the month? If not, come spend some time with the Lord and raise your voice in praise. Come on February 8 at 6:00 pm. Confession is available.

Please spend sometime reviewing our Second Quarter Tithing Disbursement report in this bulletin. It fills me with joy to see the great work you are doing! May God’s will be done and His mission spread!   

Catechism Question of the Week: Which virtue strengthens the resolve to resist temptations and to overcome obstacles in the moral life? It enables one to conquer fear, even fear of death, and to face trials and persecutions. (see CCC 1808) 

With family, friends and those you meet, please discuss the following Question of the Week: Clearly Jesus was busy; do I also seek out a deserted place to pray when I’m busy?

In Christ’s Peace,

   Fr. Leo  
Rev. Leo M. Goodman III