Weekly Message

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III Pastor

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III

July 26, 2015

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This weekend, the Church’s scriptures clearly leads us to the reality of hunger. Make no mistake about it, Elisha and Jesus are feeding those who are physically hungry. Most of us have been blessed to never really experience prolonged hunger. We’re unique considering that in most of the world and even in disguised parts of our so-called “first world,” there is tremendous hunger. To fail to focus on true material hunger and to jump to spiritual hunger in today’s scripture passages distorts an essential part of our call as Christians. 

No doubt, in both the story of Elisha and of Jesus today, it is God who ultimately feeds the hungry with more than enough. Truly all good gifts come from God. But we must have the eyes to see, to notice those who are hungry and in need. We need generous hearts to offer what little we have, for we, as His Mystical Body, are to be the instrument of His continuing mission to feed the world’s physical and spiritual hunger. But what good is the latter if we do not have the hearts to see the former? We choose to not turn our heads.

Through our Saint Vincent de Paul outreach to those who come to our door, our Tithe the Tithe ministry’s partnering with service organizations near and far and through our Friday Night Community Meals with the support of the other Catholic Parishes in the Deanery, we seek to put our faith into practice by first ministering to the real hunger and physical needs of those who are just barely hanging on. While we have other ministries that certainly do incredible outreach work, SVDP outreach under the direction of Tina Skubon, TTT ministry under the leadership of Nina Eshleman and Community Meals run by Bob Soper, make caring for physical needs their primary mission. I want to thank these three great leaders from our parish for their sacrificial service and all who are already working with them. I also want to appeal to those who have a few “barley loaves” or a “couple of fish” to join them. All three of these ministries have the need for additional help from committed individuals from our family of faith who want to make a real difference in the lives of those who are struggling. Will you join them? Like Jesus on the mountaintop, how can we not see the large crowd gathering around us? They’re hungry.

Read the “Archives” in today’s bulletin; it’s wonderful! We are blessed with the best bulletin anywhere. Full of parish information, prayers, theological pieces and spiritual and educational opportunities, it is a must read. Thank you, Betty Anne O’Brien, who puts together our bulletin and writes my favorite section, the “Archives,” and to all our contributors.

Catechism Question of the Week: Who said this?  “God who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name.” A) Sarah, B) Ruth, C) Mary, or D) Eve (see CCC 273) 

With family, friends and those you meet, please discuss the following Question of the Week: How many hours and how much effort do I spend on that which perishes and on that which endures eternally? Be specific.

In Christ’s Peace,

   Fr. Leo  
Rev. Leo M. Goodman III